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I am helping women to discover hidden potential for achieving holistic growth and living a passionate and fulfilling life.

“Butterflies never bring back it’s wings to cocoon.” Anusha Rajesh

Hi I am Anusha Rajesh, Passionate Trainer, NLP Coach & Mental Health Therapist and also a Word Record Speaker. I am on a Mission of Empowering People to create dream life and coaching them to live happy & purposeful life. I am conducting training programs for organisations and public workshop to bring positive transformation in their lives for 6 years and 5000+ people are benefitted. Now I am eagerly waiting to meet you in Mind Mastery Workshop to transform your life wonderfully!

Profile Of Anusha Rajesh


ME Graduate,Certified Trainer, NLP Coach,Clinical Hypnotherapist,Psychologist, Expressive Arts Therapist.

7 years of experience in Training, Coaching and Counselling

Running Glorious - Empowering Minds, Training and Coaching Services, working with people to bring positive changes in their life.

Soft Skills Training

Conducting Skill Development Programs for Schools, Colleges and corporate

Handling Faculty Development Programs (FDP) and Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP) programs

Topics can handle Goal setting, Effective Communication, Know Yourself, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Decision Making, Problem solving and Creativity, Interpersonal Skills and Team Building .

Counselling for adolescents

Academic and Social Skills, Positive Attitude, Values, Behavior Issues (overcoming bad haits), Taking responsibility, Improving Focus and Concentration, Anger and stress management, etc.

Therapy For Woman

Getting rid of Bad memories and Depression, Overcoming Fear and Phobias and, Anger and Stress Management, Behavior Changing etc.

Brain Profiling

Counselling for Learning, Education, Career and Relationship.

NLP based Workshops on Human Excellence

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) based Workshops which helps people to enable empowering beliefs and to change the patterns of mental and emotional behavior and helps to lead a happy and satisfied life.

C2B (Cocoon to Butterfly) for Adults (Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Employees and Home Makers etc.) on topics Empowering Beliefs, Handling Emotions, Building Rapport, Desired Outcome and Resourceful states. Programming mind for Success and Key to Happiness.

Go Beyond for Students on Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Analysis, Accelerated Learning Techniques, Goals and strategies, Affirmation , Visualization Techniques and Building Relationships.

Performance Excellence for Teachers on Well Formed Outcome, Energy Management, Inter Personal Skills, Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligence, State Management (Being Happy under any situations) and Work – Life Balance.

Positive Parenting for Parents.

Additional Experience

* 4 years teaching experience in Engineering Institutions, Navalar Nedunchezhiyan College of Engineering, Tholudur and Arasu engineering College, Kumbakonam

* Authored “Communication Theory” book for IV sem ECE as per Anna University Syllabus.

* “Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Wireless Sensor Networks Using Different Spectrum Sensing Techniques” published in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER).

* President of JCI Salem Metro at the year of 2015 and organized many skill development programs for schools ,colleges and corporate, benefited above 7000 people in the year.

* Served as a Family Welfare Committee Member in District Legal Aid, Ramanathapuram.


Reading Books, Music , Attending Trainings, Passion to do Trainings.


Honesty, Care, Service to humanity.

Youtube Channel

Anusha Rajesh.

“All personal breakthrough begin with a change in beliefs” - Tony Robbins



If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

If you want to

  • Develop a positive mental attitude
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Release your emotional baggage
  • Build healthy habits
  • Improve your performance
  • Achieve your goals
  • Live happily in the moment

Then this book is for you. You will learn powerful and proven techniques to become the best version of yourself and achieve happiness and greater success. The concepts and techniques explained in this book, such as meditation, mindfulness, affirmations and visualisation, would help you unlock your hidden potential and create the life of your dreams.


NLP Workshops

NLP workshops are designed for healing the your unhealed wounds and achieving personal excellence. You can't work with focus and attention with emotional baggage. This program helps you to release all negative emotions, increase confidence level, stimulate sensory modalities and boost positive emotions. So that you can easily achieve your desired outcome/goals and live with resourceful state under any situations.

Anyone above 18 years who wants personal breakthrough can attend this workshop.

Teen Workshops

Teens workshop is designed for age group 12 to 17 years to excel in their studies as well as in life. This program helps children to boost self esteem and self confidence, realize their strength & weakness, set their their priorities. They will learn about effective study techniques and how to set goals & achieve them. So that they can give their best in studies and life.

At end of this worksop, Parenting session will be conducted for parents.

Unleash Feminine Power

Unleash Feminine Power Online Workshop is specially designed for you to tap your inner strength for achieving your dream life. In introductory session, you will get clarity about your passion and purpose of life. And also you will learn a powerful tool for building Self Esteem. I am living a passionate and purposeful life. I would like to share the powerful techniques with you which I have applied in my life & got results which helps you to live your life with meaningful & Fulfillment. Take a first step to develop your personal power to achieve your dream life.

Unleash Feminine Power Online Workshop is designed with Powerful NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) and LOA(Law of Attraction) tools to Unleash your Power to transform your greatest dreams.

Strategies & Techniques you will learn:

* To Break your Limiting Thoughts/Beliefs/Habits.
* To Create Empowering Beliefs.
* To Get rid of Bad memories.
* To Build Self Esteem & Self Confidence.
* To Get Motivated.
* To Achieve Desired Outcome.
* To Manage your Emotions.
* To Program Mind for Success.
* To Work with Focus without distractions.
* To Communicate Effectively and Influence People.
* To Boost your Happiness level.

Grab your seat now to create the life you want...
Registration: http://bitly.ws/PTyn

Testimonials with love


" Hello I am S.Gnanadesigan .I am Software engineer by profession. Success need a good mindset first. We must have a clear vision about everything we need. I got stuck in everything. In relationship, lost job and heavy debt because of credit card and personal loans. So I searching in how to find how to fix all these problems. Finally I came to a conclusion of we need healthy mindset first. So attended various motivational trainings. Finally I joined 1 to 1 session to Mrs. Anusha Rajesh and taken Level 1 and level2 programs. She provided the therapy for get rid of negative mindset to get more self love. It gives more self-esteem. Also given LOA (law of attraction) methods to get the job. Finally | got job from the previous company where I worked one year before. Relationship problems came to an end. Some problems I got fixed automatically. It is not like a magic. It is a journey All because of the trainings and methods given by my trainer. Mrs. Anusha Rajesh The training from her not only give simply motivation. I got Reset, Re-adjust and Restart my life. Thank you. My dear coach. Mrs. Anusha Rajesh S".

- Gnanadesigan

Counseling and Therapy

To lead a happy and peaceful life, mental health is very important. Counseling and therapy will be given using NLP, Hypnotherapy and Expressive Arts Therapy.

For woman:

* Getting rid of bad memories & depression,
* overcoming phobias & fear,
*Anger & stress management.

For Teen:

* Eliminating limiting beilefs/Thoughts
* overcoming emotional & behavioral issues
* Increasing focus & attention
* Improving Academic Performance

NLP Coaching:

One to one coaching is designed exclusively for women for achieving personal & professional excellence and becoming best version of themselves. It helps to remove all mental blocks and handle any situation with resoirceful state. Powerful tools and techniques will be given to manifest goals and live life happily.

“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary life” - Tony Robbins

My Videos empower you and bring positive changes in your life